the doctrine of gnorf page 1. do ye know of words and meaning? for words can have several meanings as myriad as the stars themselves... take the exalted stupendous example of the the gnorf. blesst be liaster, the instant messenger, voice of the gnorf.
We arrive naked from the fragments left behind by a species that squandered every beautiful thing gifted to them by whatever force, algorithm, or string of DNA it was which brought them into existence- they asked too many questions and now all that they are is a distant memory, forgotten by time, unforgotten by the habits they formed that still haunt this place.


This place! Whatever it is, whatever reason we are here. Contrary to the rules imposed by capitalism, you belong to it. It was through toil, accident, and unspeakable horrors that this place spoke you into existence. You didn’t ask to be here, nobody did! Run, run, do whatever you can to ignore it.

But the place is real. It is matter, hard, wet and fluid, and inescapable (though we might try!). And the hardest and cruelest realization, that separates the babes from the monsters, is knowing one thing: it doesn’t love you.

And they took this truth and ran with it, destroying themselves in the process.

Their story ends.
The dust settles.
New code is written.
And the game begins again.

This is the story from the next cycle. Old habits die hard.

This is The Doctrine of Gnorf.