The Assimilation of Kitchmat Dorva


11 thoughts on “The Assimilation of Kitchmat Dorva”

  1. This is a quite clever web comic. The plot, theme, art, characters, design, dialogue and settings are intriguing and amusing. I am bookmarking this for future viewing. Good luck with it, Wes.

  2. Gotta admit, this is a lot of fun. Looking forward to see where this goes. I keep imagining a future elderly Kitchmat guiding a baffled newcomer Gnorf through the town a couple of decades hence.

  3. In the panel that starts with the words “You are so embarrassing!”, it looks lick Kitchimat’s arm is healed? How much time has passed since the last chapter???

    1. Hi Edmund- its been more than three weeks, her elbow was only sprained and not broken. Now that Kitchmat has recovered from the shock, she is a little more out and about and familiar with her surroundings, but has trouble socializing because the local culture still eludes her. Never one to let a wallflower wilt, Chey honors her presence with a verse!

  4. YES I finally caught up! The pacing in the last few pages is phenomenal, and now I’m at the edge of my seat waiting for more. Excited for the next update!

  5. Is…is that the end of the chapter? Dang, I was hoping to see their reaction after the fact.
    I can’t help but ship em.

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