The Alienation of Kitchmat Dorva

12 thoughts on “The Alienation of Kitchmat Dorva”

  1. Such cool character designs in the last update! And it’s really cool to see that Gnorf has its own site now, congrats! Can’t wait for the next part!

  2. I’m really liking the story so far. How long does it usually take you to make each section? It’ll give me a good timetable on when to check in on this site.

    1. Hey Smitty! I upload a new page to the chapter each week. Now that Chapter 2 is complete, Chapter 3 should commence once I get some life stuff sorted out in a week or two. I do have it available on Gumroad as well!

      1. Oh, so that’s why there’s suddenly a metric ton of new pages In a chapter that I thought was already finished? Kinda inconvenient that RSS signals only for the new chapters.

        1. Hey Darth- I’m sorry that the way I’ve set it up is inconvenient! The truth is my web design experience is not so hot, and it didn’t occur to me that just editing the same posts actually messes with the way people receive news of updates. At some point I’ll give the site a revamp, and I’ll post it the traditional way, page by page! In the mean time, you just have to trust that there’s a new page up every week even if it makes no sound.

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