LIQUID CULTURE Returns Spring Break!

As the world slowly edges towards the post-pandemic era with the decisiveness of a groundhog in February, LIQUID CULTURE SHOCK has projects simmering on the stove…

Well, cooked up with a water boiler in a college double with no kitchen. But tastes just as good nonetheless! Look out for the following updates this spring break:

      • LIQUID CULTURE SHOCK IS COMING TO HISSY FIT! My Parents Basement in Avondale, Georgia is a comic book store slash bar slash restaurant that will be hosting the upcoming outdoor zine fest on March 19. I will be tabling with physical merchandise and comics, as well as debuting THE GODDESS FABLES for the first time! Come on by and say hi and also give me money!


      • Scott and Mindy rise once more from the dead! VISUAL SNOW by Destroy Rock & Roll is an upcoming lofi album de bande dessinee- a three song lyric comic drawn in the format of an album booklet. Bonus material will be provided with the Gumroad download, and rumor has it some demo visualizers are soon headed to a YouTube channel near you!


      • THE DOCTRINE OF GNORF ISSUE #04 is in the midst of its conception! Thanks to the support of a generous patron, a new filler story is currently being written and thumbnailed. Look out for its release in mid-April!


      • ELECTRA WASP is coming to Kickstarter! Ever wonder what happened to Amelia Earhart after she crashed? So did the fine Animation MFA students at SCAD! We are fundraising for VA, sound editing and score! 


      • And finally, the coup de grace- RAINBOW FLOOR IS NOW OUT ON YOUTUBE FOR ALL TO SEE! I got to be a character animator on this project, and it’s with much pride that I present it in all its glory! Follow the project on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok!


Watch this spot for more updates- and STAY LIQUID!



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